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Claremont Craft Ales Open Tuesday to Sunday

beer-glass Jacaranda Rye IPA
Jacaranda is the flagship beer of Claremont Craft Ales. This wonderfully balanced beer appeals to drinkers of all stripes thanks to the complex malt character of the rye. The copious amounts of Centennial hops balance perfectly with the spiciness and pepperiness of the rye malt.
beer-glass Willow Blonde Ale
The very first beer brewed by Claremont Craft Ales, Willow is a straightforward blonde ale. Pale straw in color, and clean and crisp in flavor, this is a go-to beer for those that want something light, simple, and tasty. Named in honor of the best blonde dog that ever lived.
beer-glass Norman Cream Ale
Simple and straight-forward, Norman is the Claremont Craft Ales answer to your typical American light beer. It's crisp, dry, and super refreshing, while a restrained bitterness and light hopping make this beer especially easy-drinking.
beer-glass Carlisle Pale Ale
A quintessential pale ale, Carlisle is one of Claremont Craft Ales most popular beers. Light on alcohol, but full on flavor, this beer is brewed exclusively with Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest. Subtle citrus and floral notes come through on the aroma, while the taste is smooth and easy drinking.
beer-glass Pepper and Peaches
A very unusual beer indeed: we start with a West Coast style IPA - crisp, dry, and super-hoppy. Then we add pink peppercorns for a floral punch, and peaches for a bright fruity finish. Truly unique, and truly amazing.
beer-glass Station 101
A truly satisfying IPA: the deep red appearance comes from the addition of highly-kilned crystal malts, while the stiff bitterness comes from a heavy dose of Summit hops. Round it all out with wonderful earthy and tropical aromas from the large Amarillo and Citra dry-hopping, and you have a delightfully dank and rich IPA.
beer-glass Robled Red Ale
This beer starts as a tasty West Coast style red ale featuring Columbus and Zythos hops. Then we age the beer for several weeks on new medium-toast American oak. The result is a complex beer with wonderful vanilla and oak notes.
beer-glass Coffee Del IPA
A coffee IPA? What the hell is that? A relatively new style to the craft beer world, we incorporate "Colombian Giraldo" coffee from Klatch Roasting into our Del IPA to create a shockingly original beer. The highly aromatic hops combine with the smooth Colombian coffee to produce a unique spicy character.
beer-glass Padua Porter
Padua is a delightfully complex beer that proves that black beers need not be heavy, rich, or overbearing. This easy-drinking porter has wonderful coffee, chocolate, and smokey notes that make it truly a beer to savor.
beer-glass St Mawes Stout
St. Mawes is a delightfully complex beer that proves that black beers need not be heavy, rich, or overbearing. This easy-drinking stout has wonderful coffee, chocolate, and smokey notes that make it truly a beer to savor.
beer-glass Baseline Double IPA
This beer is part crisp Blonde Ale and part over-the-top Double IPA. It's brewed with 100% Pilsner malt for a light body and refreshing dryness and hopped aggressively with Citra and Amarillo for a wonderful hop-burst. We top it all off with the addition of real lemon peel for that extra dimension of flavor.
beer-glass Single IPA
The newest addition to our "Dude Series" of IPAs, this beer provides a more sessionable alternative to our Double IPA or Triple IPA, while maintaining the same focus on malt simplicity and huge hop aromas. The hopping profile highlights the Citra hop, resulting in wonderful tropical fruit and citrus aromas.
beer-glass Double IPA
Second only to Jacaranda in popularity at the CCA Tasting Room, our Double IPA is a hop-lover's dream. We start with a pale dry beer with over 100 IBUs and then dry-hop it multiple times with ridiculous amounts of Simcoe and Falconer's Flight hops. The result is a surprisingly balanced beer with beautiful grapefruit, mango, and passion fruit aromas.
beer-glass Grapefruit IPA
This beer starts with a wonderfully aromatic double IPA featuring Simcoe and Summit hops, and then we take it to the next level by adding grapefruit. The aroma is pure grapefruit rind, while the body and flavor remain true to a West Coast IPA, finishing bitter and dry.
beer-glass Triple IPA
A huge over-the-top IPA, bursting with tropical notes from the obscene amounts of Mosaic hops. This beer was made by Hopheads, for Hopheads, yet somehow remains remarkably drinkable. This is a true labor-of-love, as we push as hard as we can to squeeze more hops into a beer
beer-glass Buddy Black IPA
Buddy is a big, bold, in-your-face beer. It incorporates many of our favorite tools in the craft beer toolbox: it's hopped like crazy, it's loaded with rye malt, and its pitch black. You've gotta be brave to try this one, but those that love it, would kill for it. This is one giant beer, named for an equally giant dog.