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Claremont Craft Ales Shop

When are you open?

The Tasting Room is currently open Tuesdays through Sundays, in the afternoons. Check the banner at the bottom of the page for today's hours..

Are kids allowed?

Yes! We are a family-friendly, all-ages establishment. Bring the kids. Bring grandma. Bring the dog. Everyone is welcome!

Do you serve food?

No, we do not make or serve any food directly. However, we have a food vendor on-site most nights. Check out the Calendar to see who's serving tonight. You are also welcome to bring in any food of your own, or have something delivered.

Can I bring my own wine, beer, or spirits?

No. California liquor laws prohibit any outside alcohol in our brewery. We are only allowed to sell beer manufactured here, and that is all you are allowed to drink here. Unfortunately, this means you can't bring in homebrew, or have a bottle share here, or bring in wine for Grandma. Sorry.

Do you have non-alcoholic options?

Yes, we have several craft sodas available, as well as sparkling and regular water.

What is your growler policy?

We have multiple types of growlers available for sale at the brewery. We will always fill these growlers with the beer of your choice, no matter how old the growler is. Just make sure it is in good condition, and has been well rinsed before bringing it in for a refill.

We are also happy to fill any non-branded beer growler, including premium brands like HydroFlask, FiftyFifty, Stanley, and Yeti. It must be a vessel intended for beer, must be in good condition, must be either 32oz or 64oz in volume, and must not have any logos or branding on it from any other brewery, group, or company (other than the vessel manufacturer).

We will NOT fill any growlers that contain branding (including stickers) of any other brewery. It is very important to us that consumers know exactly what they are drinking at all times. If we were to put our beer in someone else's growler, this does a disservice to both breweries and creates potential confusion for the consumer. We take a lot of pride in our beer, and we want it presented and enjoyed in the best possible manner at all times.

Our bartenders reserve the right to refuse to fill any vessel that they deem violates the above rules.

Do you have wi-fi?

Yes, free wi-fi is available in the Tasting Room.

How do I buy a shirt, sticker, or hat?

We have a variety of merchandise available for sale in the Tasting Room, including men's and women's shirts, sweatshirts, hats, dog bandanas, baby onesies, stickers, glassware, and more. Merchandise and gift cards are also available online here. You can check the balance of your gift card here.

Do you sell kegs to private parties?

Yes, kegs are available in 5 and 15.5 gallon sizes for your next party. Prices for small kegs range from $140 to $190 depending on the beer. Large kegs range from $245 to $350. Extra charges apply to rent a party tap or ice bucket ($10 each). Not all beers are available for private sale, and reservations are always required (24 hours minimum). A deposit of $100 is required for each keg, and $25 for each tap or tub. Call 909-625-5350 or email

Will you donate beer to our event?

We love giving back to our community, and we participate in numerous fundraisers and charitable events every year. We would be happy to consider your request, but you first have to fill out the form found here. Please do not call, email, or drop-in to the Tasting Room until this form has been submitted and you have received a response from our General Manager. We will only consider donation requests for non-profit organizations in the LA area.

Where can I find your beer?

The best place to get the beer is always at our Tasting Room. You will find the largest and freshest selection by coming to the source. We typically have 20+ beers on tap, and several varieties of cans to take home.

Our beer is also available at a wide variety of bars, restaurants, and beer stores across California. Check out the Beer Finder to find the location nearest you.

Can I work/volunteer for you?

First, we do not accept volunteers, interns, or any other form of free labor. We carefully hire the right people for our company, and always pay them a fair wage. If you are interested in joining our team, keep an eye on this page, and follow us on social media. You are always welcome to send in your resume to We will hold on to your resume and contact you when an appropriate position opens up.